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Dive into the dynamic world of Whatnot, the live stream platform revolutionizing how we buy and sell collectibles, vintage items, and more. “Whatnot Wins: Maximizing Sales on the Live Shopping Phenomenon” is crafted to help you leverage the power of live video sales, creating engaging experiences that convert viewers into loyal customers. Whether you’re a collector looking to share your passion or a seller aiming to tap into a vibrant new market, this course offers the insights, tools, and strategies you need to succeed on Whatnot. From mastering the art of live selling to optimizing your listings and building a community, this course covers all you need to stand out and thrive on Whatnot.

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Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Whatnot
Get to know Whatnot — the platform, the community, and the opportunity. Understand how Whatnot differs from traditional e-commerce and the basics of setting up your seller account.

Module 2: Preparing for Your First Live Show
Learn the logistics and best practices for hosting a successful live show. This includes choosing the right products, setting up your streaming space, and tips for engaging with your audience live.

Module 3: Promoting Your Live Shows
Discover effective strategies for promoting your live shows both within and outside Whatnot. Learn how to use social media, collaborations, and Whatnot's features to build anticipation and attract viewers.

Module 4: Growing Your Whatnot Following
Strategies for growing your following and establishing your brand on Whatnot. This module covers engaging with the community, leveraging feedback, and using analytics to refine your approach and boost sales.